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AirHub Ground control app
DJI Smart controllerCompatible dronesAir 2s, Mavic 2, Mavic 2 Dual, Mavic 2 zoom, M300 and M350Download
DJI RC Pro and RC PlusBETA
Compatible dronesMatrice 350 RTK, Matrice 300 RTK, Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3 M, Mavic 3 enterprise series, Matrice 30 SeriesDownload
How to installTo install the latest AirHub APK on your DJI Smart Controller, follow these steps:
  1. Download the APK file onto your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Transfer the APK file to an SD card, USB drive, or directly connect it to the DJI Smart Controller using a cable.
  3. On the DJI Smart Controller, navigate to the File Manager.
  4. Locate and select the Installation Package option.
  5. Choose to install the downloaded AirHub APK file.